Kingdom Man: Every Man's Destiny, Every Woman's Dream

Kingdom Man: Every Man's Destiny, Every Woman's Dream

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Discover your hidden strength.

Tired of dragging yourself from work to home to church to bed and back again, just going through the motions? God created you for something much bigger, more exciting, more . . . manly.

God wants you to change the world—or at least your corner of it.

Better yet, He wants you to have the adventure of a lifetime doing it! He's got a realm for you to rule, people to protect, missions to accomplish. And He's promised to give you everything you need to succeed.

Follow Dr. Tony Evans as he leads the charge toward meaningful manhood. You'll see why he loves being a man—and why your loved ones will thank you for reading this book.

The enemy doesn't want you to know it, but you're not the man you think you are. You're a whole lot more.

Starting now, you can be a Kingdom Man.