Elijah: A 5-Week, Video-Driven Discipleship Curriculum for Men

Elijah: A 5-Week, Video-Driven Discipleship Curriculum for Men

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Real Men: Elijah is a 5-week, video-driven curriculum designed for men to learn from the examples of the real men from the Bible.

Of all the important characters in the Bible, Elijah isn't a guy that most men have spent time getting to know. And that's a shame because his life is powerfully instructive to Christian men.

Elijah was a mighty prophet, arguably the most influential prophet in the Bible. Elijah experienced God’s presence in a way that very few other people ever have. And yet, Elijah still had moments of doubt and spiritual fatigue. As men seeking to live a life of consistent faith, Elijah is an outstanding role model.

Rick Burgess, best-selling author and co-host of the nationally syndicated radio show The Rick & Bubba Show, starts off each session with a 10-15 minute video introducing the session's focus. Then, for each small group session, there is a leader guide to help facilitate a meaningful time of discussion and Bible study. 

The reason men aren’t living a more authentic faith is simple: they have yet to embrace the call to real discipleship. By leading a group through Real Men: Elijah, you’re a part of the growing tide of men who are looking to awaken men to embrace their calling as Christ-followers.


  • Real Men: Elijah is 100% online. You'll receive the entire 5-week study via email immediately after purchase. No physical product will be shipped to you.

  • Real Men: Elijah weekly videos are available in a streaming format, easily accessible on desktop and mobile devices, with a sharable link to key leaders in your small group – no need to pass around usernames and passwords.

  • Leader's Guides are provided in a PDF format, easily downloadable to a desktop, tablet, or printed.

  • Once you purchase Real Men: Elijah, you own it forever. Your access does not expire. (We have download limits in place to help prevent unauthorized file sharing. If you run out of downloads, our Customer Care team is happy to reset those limits for you.)
  • We run our digital content on an honor system and need your help! If you have multiple church campuses, please purchase a copy of the curriculum for each campus so they can be licensed to use it.

Real Men: Elijah is perfect for:

  • Small groups at your church
  • Small groups meeting at your local coffee shop or favorite breakfast spot
  • Bible studies at your workplace
  • Team Bible studies