Become the man
God has called you to be

by learning real-life examples of men you encounter in the Bible.

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How to Be a Man

Learning from the Real Men of the Bible

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How to Be A Man

Learning from the Real Men of the Bible [Student Edition]

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What are people saying?

"I just received your new book and just the introduction alone was eye-opening. Last night I read the first 3 daily devotionals and all I could think is 'WOW, I have been slacking badly."

David Knittle, 46

"Going through this devotional with my Men's Small Group has been amazing. God is using it to make us better husbands, fathers, friends, and co-workers."

Matthew Geery, 35

"As a junior in high school, working through the Student Edition with my Dad has been powerful. I keep looking forward to our weekly Challenge meetings. I see a change in my dad. I hope he is seeing one in me too."

Ryan Jones, 17

Download the Challenge

We've crafted a great experience to go alongside the book, How to Be a Man: Learning From the Real Men of the Bible. You can do the book on its own and not miss a thing. But if you'd like to take your experience to the next level, we've created the "How to Be a Man Challenge." 

The challenge equips you to get the absolute most out of the book.

Father & Son

If you're a Dad, this Challenge will help you and your son grow closer to Christ together.

Download Father & Son Challenge

Men's Small Group

If you're a guy in a small group with other men, this challenge will help you collectively become the men God is calling you to be.

Download Men's Small Group Challenge

Student Small Group

If you're a youth worker discipling teenagers, this challenge will help you lead these guys to pursue Christ-centered masculinity.

Download Student Small Group Challenge

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