What The Apostle Paul Has To Say About Anxiety
Overcoming anxiety is a continuous process,not just a one-time cure-all. Paul says that we should turn to God in “every situation.”
God’s Glory and Our Good
I have always loved the story of Lazarus and his resurrection from the dead. It is such a clear picture of Jesus’ power over death and fills me with hope as I look toward eternity. However, there is something else...
What Is Jesus Trying To Tell You?
We are no different from Peter. We are surrounded by God and His goodness, and most of us go through our lives with our heads down, while ALL THE WHILE Jesus is relentlessly pursuing us. 
Easter and Authority
It's Tuesday of Holy Week. Good Friday is just a few days away. Our hearts and minds are turning toward Easter weekend as they should be. But if we were to go back in time, 2,000 years or so, and...
Digging a Deep Enough Hole
Spiritually speaking, it’s not always easy to dig a deep enough hole. Especially if the soil is rocky. Investing in our children, particularly in the early stages of adolescence, can be challenging.