Unspoken: What Men Won't Talk About and Why

Unspoken: What Men Won't Talk About and Why

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When the Voice of Shame Is All You Hear…

It’s no secret: Talking about personal issues is awkward and risky. But day by day, those unspoken struggles wrench you down into isolation and distract your thoughts.

You know the dangers of going it alone. You’ve seen other men crumble beneath the weight of hidden pain. You’ve felt the sting of failure as you’ve taken missteps and descended quietly into guilt.  Perhaps you find yourself in the midst of an internal battle right now.

With sensitivity and clarity, Johnny Hunt addresses some of the issues men find most difficult to talk about: pornography, substance abuse, anger, depression, unforgiveness, and more. Unspoken will give you the courage to overcome your stumbling blocks and step into a new life, free from the bondage of shame and silence.

You can stand stronger when you stand with a community of believers—and Johnny will show you how. Find renewed strength to honor your family and worship the God who longs to give you true freedom.

Table of Contents

Part 1: What Keeps Us Silent

1. The Silence of the Rams
2. Break the Chains of Fear
3. Pride: The Ultimate Path to Self-Destruction

Part 2: Where Silence Is Killing Us

4. Brain Ruts
5. A Wisdom Call
6. The Pressure of Providing
7. I Need a Money Miracle
8. My Wife Talks Enough for the Both of Us
9. Dump the Poison
10. There's Hope for Depression
11. In the Tormentor's Hand

Part 3: A Place to Untie Our Tongues

12. You Need More Male Friends
13. You Need a Coach
14. You Need a Colleague
15. You Need a Colt